Managed services care of Nexus Business Technology ensure that IT adds value to your business. With a combination of global expertise, high-end technology and sophisticated processes – we manage your network affairs. Removing complex technical issues from your business and allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks like growing your business and increasing efficiency.
With clients across multiple industries, Nexus has the capacity to handle both long-term managed services as well as one-off projects. Your IT department is augmented with a team that proactively manages your networks and keeps abreast with the latest developments in line with the demanding environment of computing and network systems.
Business Continuity Planning and IT Consulting allow you to realize the full value of your database, your infrastructure and your platform. Incorporating best practices and learnings across multiple industries, you are freed to make more strategic actions vs. engaging gaps in process or technical errors that can be easily addressed from our end through accountable project management, defined service level agreements, and flexibility of options to suit your needed IT support, infrastructure and business needs.
Our extensive range of customer-oriented computing products and services are cost-effective and supported by state-of-the-art equipment. This is complemented by industrially experienced experts and powerful vendor support capabilities. All these designed to execute the highest level of service to start-ups and established corporations, enterprises and organizations in Sydney.
With Australia’s best hosting infrastructure
When you choose NeXus for your web services, you can be sure that you are getting the best in technical web hosting infrastructure. Our data centres are located at two exceptional data centres; the state-of-the-art Global Switch facility and the recently opened Pegasus E3 data centre — both in Sydney. Running two data centres provides greater flexibility for disaster recovery and redundancy and allows clients to benefit from the particular strengths of each centre.
  • Only quality hardware and software, including fibre channel RAID storage devices
  • No single point of failure with fully redundant, load-balanced web clusters
  • All systems and servers continuously monitored 24×7
  • Daily back-ups carried out with weekly and monthly back-ups archived off-site
  • Around the clock high-level building security protects your infrastructure
  • Nexus Business Technology is dedicated to ensuring your hosting will never let you down.


24 hour management
We provides Australia’s only fully automated, password-protected, web-based administration panel allowing you to set up and delete your services in real-time.
This means 24 hours a day you can establish email accounts for employees, install/uninstall FrontPage, automate DNS zone edits, and so much more. All instantaneously!
Don’t compare it! Combine all good value with exceptional infrastructure and NeXus Hosting becomes the easiest decision you’ll make, Let’s try our services today.

Core services

  • IT Support Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Design
  • Proactive IT Strategy
  • Data Protection
  • Content Management
  • Domain & Web Hosting

Other Services

  • Network Administration & Tuning
  • Datacenter Solution
  • Data Protection & Archive
  • Virtualisation Solution
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Design & Domain Name Registration
  • Network Management
  • Wireless and Internet Solutions
  • Network Security Consultation & Implementation
  • Database Management
  • On-site System Management

Products and Vendors We Support

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